December 2021 Tornadoes

On December 10/11, 2021, a line of severe weather impacted 6 states in the Central US, and also spurred a devastating amount of tornadoes, leaving countless people deceased, missing, or severely injured. Coupled that with the massive damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure, just 3 weeks before Christmas, makes this impact much worse.

IDRT has joined with other like-minded non-profit organizations, like Mundo Latino Network, Arriving at your Doorstep, His Glory SR&AT, Inc, and others, and is spearheading with them to get much needed manpower, supplies, emergency infrastructure, and peace of mind to these areas.

Due to the overwhelming support of other organizations, groups, and good Samaritans, we are EXCITED to say that KY and areas affected by the tornadoes respectfully declined our outpouring of supplies and support, however, we still have a few organizations from our animal team and drone teams still on the ground assisting. Thank you to all! As a result, we have shifted our support and operations to the horrific wildfires leaving countless homeless, and without basic necessities.

If you would like to join us, please feel free to apply as a volunteer with IDRT, or donate what you can! Every little bit and every person helps, no matter how small their role!

Douglas Thron, working with IDRT, has been on the ground in Mayfield finding lost pets and reuniting them with their heartbroken owners. Recently, WKYT did a story on him, here is a link to the story. Douglas, thank you for what you're doing and amazing job sir!

California man using drones in tornado-hit areas to help KY families reunite with pets