2022 Eastern Kentucky Flooding

On July 25th, an extremely large and complex storm system decimated eastern Kentucky with an unprecedented amount of rainfall, with some losing their lives, and leaving countless other homeless, cut off, and without basic essentials.

The images below are from our deployed teams out there currently, but the need for additional manpower and equipment to access these areas is still present.

IDRT has joined with other like-minded non-profit organizations, like We Are Rescue, CDRO, His Glory SR&AT, Inc, and others, and is spearheading with them to get much needed manpower, supplies, emergency infrastructure, and peace of mind to these areas.

If you would like to join us, please feel free to join the FB Group, where the other like-minded organizations have joined us to get the job done, apply as a volunteer with IDRT, or donate what you can! Every little bit and every person helps, no matter how small their role!