Our Sponsors

We would like to take this time to acknowledge the organizations and companies that have generously donated to help IDRT further our mission. Please patronize them if you need any of their services.

Dialpad has graciously donated our phone system that we use to coordinate resources, field help assistance calls, and perform our day to day operations seamlessly. We are extremely grateful for their support!

Zello has provided us with a communications platform that allows us to coordinate our logistics and operations teams inbound to a disaster zone or other deployed events. It further allows us the ease to quickly interoperate with other agencies and groups using their platform, and also for people needing help and assistance to quickly call out and find help. We are extremely grateful for Zello, Inc. for supporting us, and recognizing us as a first responder agency, as that is what disaster response and relief is all about!

Workplace by Meta, and Facebook by Meta has allowed us to have end-to-end encrypted communications, and quickly collaborate with other groups, agencies, organizations, and people in dire need of assistance.

Google Workspace has allowed us to have a secured domain, with a professionally built website, while being able to securely manage and operate our day-to day items, and coordinate and respond to disasters and other events.